The UAF Georgeson Botanical Garden Babula Children’s Garden has built a giant hedge maze. The maze has many dead ends. It may be the path to the center of the maze, it may be a path to a dead end, or it may be a path to one of the greatest poems you have ever read!The Georgeson Botanical Garden announces a contest for poets in grades K-6. It is open to all students in the North Star Borough including public and private schools, charter schools, and home school students.  Entries are now being accepted for 2019!

Click here for details and how to submit:  GBG POETRY CONTEST 2019

2016 Winners

First Place

Rian Billings – Grade 6, Chinook Montessori School

Second Place

Abigail Conklin – Grade 5, Chinook Montessori School

Third Place

Roberta D. Moore – Grade 2/3, Salcha Elementary School