Workshops come to the Garden!

Written by Mathew Carrick

July 31, 2018

The Georgeson Botanical Garden Society is hosting a series of workshops on August 6th, 8th, and 9th. All workshops are free courtesy of the Georgeson Botanical Garden Society and will meet at the Drew Plaza before heading to the workshop location.

Rose workshop
Janet Matheson
6:00pm on August 6th

Garden rosarian Janet Matheson will give an engaging workshop on the proper care and cultivation of roses. She will guide participants through a hands-on workshop focusing on the Fairbanks-friendly varieties showcased at the Georgeson Botanical Garden. Come learn about proper care and maintenance including pruning, deadheading, and more! A special eye will be given toward the unique rose beds at the Garden.

Grafting workshop
Rupert Hollaus
6:00pm on August 8th

Join Rupert Hollaus to learn introductory grafting techniques including cleft grafting, whip-and-tongue grafting, and budding. You will learn how to assemble a grafting kit, how to carry out procedures with precision, and how to care for a tree or bush after grafting. These skills will help you experiment, improve your tree quality, repair damaged plants, propagate desired species, and encourage fruit production.

Rhubarb workshop
Curtis Thorgaard
6:00pm on August 9th

Longtime rhubarb enthusiast Curtis Thorgaard will unveil the secret of making a delightful rhubarb lemonade! Come see how rhubarb’s versatile flavor and texture can be used to make summertime treats. Curtis will also teach visitors how to properly harvest rhubarb, process it for various uses, and save it for the winter.

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